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Catz Music Society

Co-Presidents: Sami Jalil and Anton March
Email Address:
Social Media:
Instagram: @catzmusicsoc
Facebook: Catz Music Society
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The Catz Music Society has always been centred around our non-audition choir who puts on a carol service every Christmas. This year, we're expanding our music society to encompass lots of new and fun events for people to participate in. The Catz Music House is a really unique practice space perfect for ensembles, so we want to boost that by helping people form their own bands and chamber groups. We have a lot of recording and sound equipment that we're happy to help people use to record their own music and put on their own concerts.

We also hope to continue our termly Music Nights and open them to people across the university to create an accessible and comfortable performance space. Catz has hosted a few open jazz jams and student bands, so we'd like to make those a more regular thing too.

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