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OUMS Membership

Becoming a member of OUMS entitles you to:

  • join non-auditioned OUMS ensembles

  • audition for OUMS ensembles

  • stand and vote in OUMS elections

  • appear on the OUMS Database of Musicians (if you want to!)

  • get involved in outreach work

  • write for OPUS

  • come along to OUMS socials

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OUMS+ is a new, optional tier of OUMS membership. You do not need to be an OUMS+ member to get involved with anything the society offers, but it is a great way to show your support for OUMS in return for some fun benefits. Joining OUMS+ costs £25, which lasts for the duration of your time at uni.

Joining OUMS+ entitles you to:

  • discounted tickets to all OUMS concerts

  • discounted OUMS stash

  • automatic entry into concert ticket draws

  • discounted entry on any paid socials

  • a silver OUMS pin badge for your concert dress, college puffer or pinboard (watch this space!)

OUMS Membership

Level of OUMS Membership

An optional membership tier which offers added benefits, including discounted tickets to all OUMS concerts and discounts on stash. More information can be found above. OUMS+ costs £25 and lasts for your entire time at uni. Selecting an option below will take you to a payment screen. For any questions or concerns about the financial contribution, please email

The base level membership plan for anyone who would like to be involved with music in Oxford. You must be an OUMS Member in order to join any of our ensembles, come to our socials, get involved in outreach, or write for OPUS. Basically, the must have sign up for every player and appreciator of music!


Payment frequency

Success!Thank you for signing up to be a member of OUMS​. Sign up for the OUMS Database of Musicians here.

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