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President's Welcome

Hello, and welcome to the OUMS website!


My name is Louis, and it is such a privilege to head up Oxford's most vibrant and exciting society! OUMS, now entering its 153rd year, finds itself at the centre of Oxford's music scene, which is seeing motion as it never has before. There is so much to see and do, and I hope that this is a useful stop to explore all things musical in this amazing city!


While you're here, I would recommend checking out OPUS, our online society publication - we post an interview with an Oxford-based musician each week, and you'll also find concert reviews and opinion pieces there too. The Events page is also worth bookmarking, as a handy one-stop guide listing all future goings on for our ensembles. Our Access and Outreach work is also going from strength to strength, and will soon have its own dedicated page on this site.


We offer a non-auditioning ensemble for every orchestral instrumentalist, and singer, and put on loads of exciting concerts each term. We have a thriving group of affiliated ensembles that is ever-growing, and we are constantly looking at new ways to accommodate as many Oxford musicians as possible. I always love hearing about new concepts and ideas, and am absolutely committed to making beneficial changes so that more people can feel at home in OUMS.

OUMS has much potential, and being at the helm of such a wide-reaching society at this time is a huge honour - I have had to pinch myself on many an occasion! It has been proved to me time and again that musicians are simply a fantastic crowd to fall in with and I am particularly grateful for the utterly infectious positivity which comes with every meeting, pub trip and rehearsal.


Do let us know if you find something missing from this website, or would like any more information about OUMS. If you would like to help support the brilliant work we do, please do get in touch - we would love to hear from you. Whether you're a performer, composer, conductor, listener, or somewhere in between, I hope that you find something for you in this wonderful society!

Much OUMS love,


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