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3rd Week HT24 Newsletter - Cecilia Loughney

Each week, the OUMS newsletter features an interview with someone who positively contributes to the Oxford music scene. This week, we sat down with violinist and first-year muso Cecilia Loughney to ask about her new role as the manager of OUSinfonietta.

Cecilia Loughney


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Cecilia Loughney and I’m a first-year music student at Merton. First and foremost, I am a violinist and so far have had an amazing time playing in several orchestras, a quintet, solo recitals and, on occasion, singing in Merton bar. As of this term, I am the manager of OUSinfonietta- I am only a few weeks into the job and it has already shown to be an immensely rewarding task. All in all, you could say music completes me.

What are you working on at the moment? I am currently enjoying my new role as OUSinf manager. Taking on this role given me a new perspective of the orchestra and the preparation that goes into rehearsals and concerts, beyond that of the musicians. I have learned a lot so far in working alongside a very dedicated team of students, staff and musicians to direct OUSinf’s annual conductor auditions – the results of which are imminent! On top of this, and our Hilary term concert on 17th February at the Sheldonian, the OUSinf Committee and I have been thinking two steps ahead of our audience: heading into Trinity term, OUSinf will hold a composition competition which will feature in the concert – watch this space.

There is a true sense of pride to be found in being part of a musical ensemble; I have felt especially proud to be part of an orchestra that is so centred in the musical community.

As a violinist, I live and breathe performance. I am particularly excited to be participating in the International Women’s Day Festival, performing a World Premiere of a piece for string quintet. There is never, ever, a dull moment as a musician- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What has your favourite musical experience been at Oxford so far?

The highlight of Michaelmas for me was, without a doubt, Merton College’s All Souls Day service. This celebration had music at its centre, as Merton College Choir and orchestra performed Mozart’s Requiem, with interludes of Elgar’s Serenade and Sospiri throughout the mass. Already being a favourite piece of mine, I was particularly moved by this performance- by the music itself and as a one of the monumental moments in first term where I realised how much I love being surrounded by Oxford, its people and its music. It was one for the bucket list, to say the least.

Where can you see yourself going in the future?  I think that once you’ve appreciated a musical scene like Oxford’s – where a shift in the music faculty library can be accompanied by a Gamelan recital downstairs, and a walk down Broad Street of an evening can transport you from a ceilidh to an evensong – means there’s never a definite answer to that question. However, it is a trait of many musicians that there is one thing they could never live without– for me that is performance.

Give us a music recommendation! 

I could write a list that lasts for years – but this one inspired in me a love of Latin music.

Fuga Con Pajarillo – Aldermaro Romero

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