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7th Week HT24 Newsletter - Trina Banerjee

Each week, the OUMS newsletter features an interview with someone who positively contributes to the Oxford music scene. This week, we sat down with we sat down with singer and Indian Classical Music enthusiast Trina Banerjee, to ask about her involvement in the upcoming weeks' RETUNE Festival!

Trina Banerjee


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! I am Trina ◡̈ I graduated from the University of Oxford with an MSt in Musicology last summer. Since then, I’ve worked some freelance jobs and now I am an Operations Associate with Archangel Imaging (really cool company in Oxford).

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m practicing for my recital on Wednesday (Hindustani Classical Recital: Khyal in evening raags) and some concerts with Gargs and Somerville College Choir! 

What has your favourite musical experience been at Oxford so far?

Introducing my friends to Indian Classical Music! 

Where can you see yourself going in the future?

Hopefully doing cool things in the music industry like working in marketing, or arts and rep! 

Give us a music recommendation! 

I've been particularly enjoying "Can I Call you Rose?" by Thee Sacred Souls 

You can find a link to the RETUNE programme of events here.

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